Mokshya Honey

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Bafal Kathmandu, bagmati nepal

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Mokshya Honey is Natural satate raw honey, which is not heated for packaging. we will market pure natural state honey without machine intervention. As per the season of honey extraction our honey's colour, taste, Smell, and state of crystallization may be vary. we will not make any effort to make for our product consistency because we want to serve whatever is collected by our beautiful bee :-) :-) :-) We will collect honey from following region of Nepal: 1. Dang Kalamghari Area for Butter Flower Honey and Mustard Honey 2. Rolpa Khumri Area for Butter Flower Honey 3. Chitwan Tindobane Siddi Area for Butter Flower Honey, Mixflower Honey, Rudilo Honey 4. Chitwan Cancer Hospital Garden Rampur Campurs Garden for Lichi Honey Pls Go to following link for our Bee Farm Activities # #

Our mission is to eliminate gap between beekeepers and consumers to provide fresh natural honey at competitive price directly from farm to household consumers as well as industrial users. We want to aware them about quality and genuineness of natural honey and its uses in their daily diet through various informative campaigns. In the perspective of Modern Nepalese Beekeeping history there is huge investment of INGOs, Nepal Government, Local NGOS, Beekeepers, Researchers, Honey Traders but customers are still confuse about genuineness of Nepalese Honey. Quality of honey market is deteriorated by jackle honey traders who offers honey by unnecessary manual as well machine intervention for so called consistency in quality which ultimately damage the natural and biological property of honey. We are going to offer original form of honey as prepared by bees(using natural processing only). In essence honey is prepared by bee as per seasonal flower available so there is variation of colour, smell, thickness as per locality of bee pls KNOW YOUR BEEKEEPER BEFORE CONSUME HONEY CONTACT DEATILS: Farm Office: Kalika Municipality-8, Chitwan Akkil Bdr. Budhathoki +977 9849001775 (Farm Incharge) Kathmandu Office: Bafal Ringroad (Back side of Near Matadevi Petrol Pump) Sumitra Kafle +977-014302240, +977 9841140015( Managing Director) For Business Deal: Suraksha Baskota +977 9849449988 (Marketing Director) email: Youtoube link: STAY ENERGETIC WITH *********MOKSHYA HONEY********* MORNING TO EVENING & EVENING TO MORNING..........:-) :-) :-)


  • Collected from forest which is Organic
  • Useful to boost yor immune system
  • Saves from cold
  • Home Remedy for Cough
  • Nourishes your Skin and Face
  • Makes you Young and Energetic
  • Useful for Child to Old age 
  • Better for Breakfast  

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