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The egg cutter is a tool that consists of a tray that is hinged to a cutter, which is constructed with a series of stiff wires.Each of the wires acts as a cutting instrument, slicing through the egg when pressure is applied to the cutter.The egg is placed on its side in the tray, and the cutter is closed down over the egg, producing slices of equal thickness.The egg can be rotated and sliced a second time or even a third time in order to chop the egg in pieces as small as you would like. Egg-cutting gadget designed to make slicing hard boiled eggs easy. This is very helpful to make decor to your dish for impression. Size: length: 5.5inch Width: widest- 3 inch, narrow end- 2.5inch Material: Food Grade Plastic Color: Random color as per stock availability

  • Color may vary
  • Contains wires that easily slice boiled eggs
  • Convenient mid-size design with high quality wires.
  • Just put the egg on the slicer and snap the flipper. You have several slices of eggs in a moment !
  • easy to use

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