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  • Joy Deep pore Cleansing Milk 240ml Purple Grapes
    Rs. 212 Rs. 216

    Item Code: #5cbdae9c456b477f870cb251

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    Joy Deep Pore Cleansing Milk 240 ml purple Grapes
  • Astaberry Papaya Sun SPF 30 100ml
    Rs. 206 Rs. 210

    Item Code: #5cbd51d642609e6987ca9e71

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    Astaberry Papaya Sun SPF 30 100ml
  • Black 6 Pack EMS Abs Stimulator Abdominal Trainer Belt (Unisex)
    Rs. 1,371.02 Rs. 1,499

    Item Code: #5bbcdfbbb20e28581c266f48

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    Know About Muscle Toner: Lens muscle toner machine is for training muscle. It tones, tightens, strengthens your body muscle. Different from traditional fitness workout, it helps to gain a better figure faster. ( 1 x Abdomen Pad, 2 x Arm Pad, 3 x Host) Know About EMS Training: EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) through current stimulate muscles, and promote muscles workout. All you need to do is to wear the pads to your body and let them exercise your muscles. Know About the AB Machine: This machine is aim to strengthen and tighten abdominal muscles including the 6 pack abs. The machine will shut off automatically after 12 minutes training. Keep on training 2 or 3 times everyday correctly, will get a charming figure after 2 months. How to Maintain the Device: Use a wet wipe to remove any skin debris, moisturizer or lotion, which could damage your gel pads. The plastic covers, which come with your gel pads, are replaceable, so that you can protect them after toning. Don't worry if you've lost or thrown them away! Any dry, smooth plastic surface will suffice. Portable & Easy Operation: This EMS AB trainer is portable and easy to operating. You can use it at any time and anywhere. You can wear it under your clothes and training muscle at work, reading, doing housework, watching movie, shopping or during a trip. Note: Please follow the user manual strictly, and do not attach on your body when it is on.
  • Spa Moisturising Gel Gloves
    Rs. 449.1 Rs. 499

    Item Code: #5bbcd551b20e28581c266f44

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    mainly pink. Material: durable soft cotton, spandex and TPR gel.A pair of Spa gel gloves Each use time recommended is about 20-30 minutes. High tensile-strength and elastic socks and gloves, for comfortable to wear.Can use alone or in conjunction with moisturizing and whitening cream, for creating better effect. Features -Material: durable soft cotton, spandex and TPR gel -Weight: 40g -Dimensions for gloves: 8.3x5.3 (widest) inch -Color: mainly pink - Designed to moisturize the skins and make your hands and feet look fresh and nourishing. - Work continuously to soften and whiten hands - Frequency of use: 3-5 times /week. Notices Hand wash only. Do not dry clean or bleach. Water temperature under 30 C. Use neutral detergent. Do not put directly in sunshine. Keep the socks and gloves tiled after use. Do not peel the gel.