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  • Mokshya Honey
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    Mokshya Honey is Natural satate raw honey, which is not heated for packaging. we will market pure natural state honey without machine intervention. As per the season of honey extraction our honey's colour, taste, Smell, and state of crystallization may be vary. we will not make any effort to make for our product consistency because we want to serve whatever is collected by our beautiful bee :-) :-) :-) We will collect honey from following region of Nepal: 1. Dang Kalamghari Area for Butter Flower Honey and Mustard Honey 2. Rolpa Khumri Area for Butter Flower Honey 3. Chitwan Tindobane Siddi Area for Butter Flower Honey, Mixflower Honey, Rudilo Honey 4. Chitwan Cancer Hospital Garden Rampur Campurs Garden for Lichi Honey Pls Go to following link for our Bee Farm Activities # #